Spectroscopy Facilities

Make & model: Agilent Cary 5000
Wavelength range: 175 nm – 3300 nm
Monochromator: Double out-of-plane Littrow Monochromator
Light source : Tungsten-halogen and deuterium
Detector : For UV-VIS : R 928 Photmultiplier; For NIR : Peltier cooled PbS photocell
Modules: Temperature dependent study, reflectance and absorbance study for powder and film samples.

For any query related to the instrument,
Contact : Mr. Divyanshu (9876194426)

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Instrument's Description

Cary 5000 is a dual beam spectrophotometer that measures ultraviolet, visible light and near-infrared wavelengths. From 190 to 3300 nm wavelength range, the instrument can record the data. The instrument’s software has two options for displaying the collected data: absorbance values at user-selected fixed wavelengths or spectrums with a user-selectable number of peaks or troughs identified. In order to read, unknown samples directly in concentration, the software enables the user to generate an absorbance versus concentration response list when monitoring fixed wavelengths. To manage thermal denaturalization and kinetics measurements, several software modules are offered.

Sample Description
Price List
For Internal usage Per Sample 50
For External (Academics) usage Per Sample 300
For External (Industries) usage Per Sample 400